How do we make the ABC360 family bigger?

ABC360’s hiring process is extensive but easy to follow. Every stage gives the applicant an opportunity to show off his qualification for the job. It is also transparent so that the applicant knows where he stands. Our accommodating Human Resource staff are also ready to assist the applicant regarding any HR questions that he or she may have.


Send in your application via the APPLY NOW button in our website or send your resume and credentials to


The initial interview shall be conducted by our Human Resource staff. The initial interview will mostly revolve around your qualifications and why you think you are suitable for this career. The HR will also be discussing the job description and important things that the job would entail. Overseas applicants can schedule a Skype interview with the HR.


After the initial interview, the applicant will be given a 30-point written examination to determine how good his or her knowledge of the English grammar is and how they would be handling an online class。


The applicant will then be asked to have a mock lesson with one of our Chinese and Thai staff members to gauge his or her spoken English skills and teaching strategy and technique. He or she will be given an ESL teaching material upon which he or she shall base his or her mock lesson on.


When the mock lesson has ended, the Human Resource manager will evaluate the applicant and promptly provide feedback to the applicant about the result of his or her interview

Who’s who in ABC360?

ABC360’s gives its teachers the best training possible in order to equip every tutor with all the skills, knowledge and techniques to help them raise the number of loyal and patronizing students who book their classes. This helpful guide provides applicants an idea about the stages that he or she will go through, together with the corresponding perks and duties, on the road to becoming a fully-fledged employee.

Training Month Probation Employment
PositionTraineeProbationary Employee Employee
Basic Pay 25,000THB 30,000THB 35,000THB
Working hours 8 hours 8 hours 8 hours
Number of rest days 2 per week 2 per week 2 per week
Duration of Stage 1 month 2 months 9 months
Incentives Weekend Incentive, Overtime pay Booking Incentive, Fixed Student Incentive, Best Tutor Award and Performance Incentive, Free Trial Incentive, Trainer Incentive, Referral Incentive, Observation Class Incentive, Loyalty Incentive
Benefits Holiday pay and paid leave