Online ESL Teacher

ABC360’s online English teachers are the very heart of the company. They facilitate 17-minute classes with our Chinese students using online communication software such as Skype, QQ and others. They give instruction and guidance to our learners as to how to effectively use the materials and curriculum to maximize learning about and ability to communicate using the English language.

Quality Assurance Specialist

ABC360’s Quality Assurance team supports the teachers by reviewing the lesson flow and the after-class memo to determine whether they pass the company’s standards. They are responsible for monitoring the booking percentage of teachers and they also feedback tailor-fit advice as to how lesson quality can be improved and how the number of students booking a particular teacher’s class can increase.

Work Force Specialist

ABC360’s Work Force Specialists deal primarily with the management and setting up of the teaching time-table of our online ESL tutors. They open class slots so the students can choose to have class with a teacher or they can close slots in case of emergencies and leaves. They also keep track of the teacher’s attendance and handle all issues regarding tardiness or absenteeism.

Nesting Coach

ABC360’s Nesting Coaches are the specialists who assist and guide New Tutors throughout their initial training week and probationary month. They equip new tutors with valuable knowledge, skills and training that every teacher needs in order to survive the challenging first months when students are still getting to know them until they successfully make a name for themselves in the company.


ABC360’s Trainers zealously endeavor to keep the professional growth of every online ESL tutor at the highest level possible. They offer exceptional training courses with topics ranging from the basics of English such as grammar and pronunciation to classroom management and teaching strategies to stress reduction techniques to keep every teacher in tip-top condition.

Human Resource Manager

ABC360’s Human Resource Team is chiefly responsible in guiding hopeful applicants all throughout the hiring process. They gauge an aspiring online ESL teacher’s qualification to become a part of the school’s esteemed teaching force through interviews, written examinations and the conduct of mock lessons.

Curriculum Developer

ABC360’s Curriculum Developers keep our learning materials fresh and functional. They provide for necessary modifications to ensure that our students and teachers study only the most modern and up-to-date uses of the English language all while having a pleasant spot of fun with enjoyable activities and engaging topics for conversation.